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"My spot is solidified on Google and has been for the last 3 years since I started working with Web Sis. I rank #2 for "gym oak park" and #2 for "family fitness oak park".  With all of the competition out there, you can't beat that for making it easy for people to find me.

Lynette Miller

Owner, Bfit Fitness/Lynette Miller

The question I get asked the most is “How do I get traffic to my website?”

And what I usually say is, “know your customer and they’ll find your website”. Today I teach business owners how to take their websites from zero traffic to “Google Front Page status”. Read more about how I got my site to rank on the front page in just 48 hours!

Cheryl Vargas

Owner, Web Sis

"I had no idea what keywords were until I started ranking high on Google because of them! I rank first page on all of my keywords.  Search "black hairstyles Oak Park" and you will find me!"

Trece Washington

Owner, Super Stars Styling Studio

"Web Sis literally put my business on the map! My website ranks #1 with Yelp and 1st page for Orland Park, electrician.  I'm set.  I turn away customers now. Is that a bad thing?

Dave Wilczak

Owner, Next Level Electrical

"Thank you for the website and keyword audit. I’m using the keywords in my content and thanks to audio/video and research my website will be more user-friendly and visible to the search engines. We're having your recommendations implemented now!" (under construction)

Emily M.

Owner, Love and Destiny Reports

Your sales, your ROI, its ALL about SEO!

cheryl vargas, seo consultant, la grange, il

I’m Cheryl Vargas, aka Web Sis and I have been building websites over 10 years. One thing I got very familiar with early in my career is building a website and having NO visitors and NOT knowing why.

Through years of experimentation and study, I found out that search engine optimization, better known as SEO, determines whether your customers find your site or not. Millions of people use search engines every day to solve everyday problems and to buy products and services. And if you’re not right there on Google’s first or second page, chances are you won’t get found.

I’m here to help my fellow entrepreneur get found on the internet. So if that’s your problem, that’s my specialty.  It took a minute, but I’ll have obtained my Bachelors degree (May 2018) in the Graphic Arts (focus on web design and social media).

I’m on a mission to spread the word about SEO, while helping you to get found by your audience!

Bottom line, the only website worth having, is a website that sells. Getting found by your audience is a matter of implementing SEO on your website. SEO is to your website, like gasoline is to a car engine. So let’s get busy revving up your site and getting found by your tribe, I’m here to help.

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The only website worth having is website that sells.

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