This image is from Createher Stock. They have gorgeous images and a super affordable plan that is the closest to free out there.

A Labor of Love

Gosh, its so hard to find people of color in photographs doing everyday things, so I applaud the individuals and organizations who have made it their mission to fullfill that need.  THANK YOU!! I have been putting together this list of free stock photo resources for months. I think I did a pretty good job!

My Favorites

I put my favorites at the top.  They include a lot of business oriented, desktop and flat lay photos.  As you go further down the list, you’ll see all types of photos, scenery, etc. Its an exhaustive list, that I pulled from multiple resources around the net. Of course you’ll find that it always takes time selecting the right photos. But at least you won’t spend anytime searching the internet for sources! Hey, if I missed one…hey, let’s make this a great list…comment!!

About the author: Cheryl Vargas is an SEO Strategist and the owner of Web Sis, a company that helps small business owners optimize their websites so they get found by search engines and their customers. 

The List

This is a collection of black stock photo websites. I hope this takes some of the frustration out of searching for images of people of color.  Most free, a few paid.  

Happy Searching – Women of Color in Technology


Business Name Generators


The Noun Project

Great for Overall Everything Free images

Online Design Alternatives