YES! I got some Google love!

Ranking on Google front page, actually, number #1 spot in just 48 hours after finishing my website! I know, it sounds crazy, but it happened! An SEO expert’s dream come true. I don’t typically advise people to expect these results, BUT, its possible.

Follow the rules

You do what’s necessary and joilà, you’re not only on the front page, but you’re #1! Use the keywords in the title, in the meta description, and throughout the page. Now of course, on the day of this screenshot, there is an ad above my spot.  But of course, that’s paid SEO.  I prefer, free, organic SEO, or what I like to call “sexy SEO” cuz free is super sexy!

So let’s talk about how I was able to do this

Well, first up, my keyword is not in the URL (, on my homepage and it probably should be, according to some experts, but that didn’t seem to matter to Google. What does seem to matter is that my keyword, is “logically used” in my homepage header.  So even though my keyword is “SEO strategist la grange il”, you’ll notice that those words are split up in the title which reads, “Web Sis: SEO Strategist|Get on Google Front Page| La Grange, IL”.

Basically, what this tells me is that Google wants me (see me getting into Google’s head?) to use my keyword logically.  So instead of trying to use it “exactly” throughout my site, I let the words fall where they may. Additionally, Google algorithms are pretty darned intelligent.  They can look at my overall site content and determine if my keywords match the services I offer. And it determines whether my website will serve the searcher’s needs.

Now, let’s talk about the two lines of content that show in the search results:

This paragraph is called a snippet. I use the Yoast SEO Snippet Preview to ensure that I’m giving Google what it wants in terms of a brief summary of what my website is all about.

I guess the point of this article…

…is that ranking on Google front page in a very short amount of time can be done and it can be done by us little guys. I mean, I’m certainly the little girl and I rate higher than the big dawgs for my keyword, unless of course, they pay for the positioning.

It just takes a little time to inform yourself about how to find your keywords, how to research keywords and finally how to use keywords on your site, you can be very successful at doing your own SEO, for free!

If you’d like to learn more about how to optimize your site for Google front page, this super, budget-friendly, SEO live webinar may be just the thing for you.