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This is a wonderful opportunity for you to take SEO off your “to-do” list once and for all!  Yes, you’ve heard about SEO and how important it is to your website.  You may have even attempted it on your own.  But you understand that it is an involved process that does indeed require a level of skill, persistence and time that you just don’t have because you’re busy trying to run your business. 

You know that if your website isn’t found by the search engines, it won’t be found by your customers and no customers means no sales.  This package ensures that your site gets the attention it needs to rank for your keywords.

This package also includes a consultation where we discuss your business goals and offers an opportunity to gain insight into your ideal client and how that ideal client may search for your product or service.  So this is more than just basic SEO, it involves my Front Page Success process which is more than just surface level SEO, we dig deep to figure out what compels your customer to search for your product.

The VIP Search Envy Success Package, Everything Done for You SEO contains everything in the “Search Envy SEO Success Package” PLUS:

  • In-depth keyword research (long tail keywords)
  • Write SEO friendly page titles for up to 15 pages
  • Write compelling meta descriptions for up to 15 pages
  • Update URLs if necessary
  • Ensure that your site has the proper “H” headings and appropriately used keywords
  • Write descriptive alt text for all home page images (image optimization video provided)
  • Add relevant site level Schema markup where necessary
  • Google My Business setup
  • Localization of keywords where relevant
  • Image optimization of home & contact pages
  • Keyword tracking/reporting for 6 months

Disclaimer: Every customer I’ve worked with has achieved front page status, rated in the top 3 on Google front page or both.  Though I can’t promise everyone will experience the same results, you have a very good chance at achieving them over not using SEO at all!  I CAN promise that you will see an improvement in your ranking.


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